Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween. The night before Halloween we went to Grandma R's church for a Halloween carnival and trick or treat party. The kids had a great time. Meigan especially liked the cookie walk and when Grandma R gave her a hard sugar cookie, Meigan actually put it into her mouth and started to eat it. That is the first time she has tried to feed herself. Of course she got it all over her self but it was worth it. We forgot our camera, so no pics of the party. But it was really well done. Grandma R was in charge of it and she did a great job. The next day on Halloween, Grandma and Grandpa D showed up for a surprise visit. The kids had a great time with them here. We went to a trunk or treat at our church and then the kids went to a few of the neighbors. Our neighborhood was packed with kids, I think they bus them in from all over town. We had 300 pieces of candy and ran out early in the evening. While Grandma and Grandpa D were hear we also went bowling and for ice cream. It rained most of the weekend while they were hear but that didn't matter as they had a great time playing with Meigan and getting to know her!

Meigan was a little witch for Halloween, Madison was Sharpay from High School Musical, and Dalton was both a Chinese Dragon (a costume we brought back from China) and a NASA astranout when it was raining outside.

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