Guess What's Back????

We never regretted selling our boat, because our kids were too little to go just as "our little family."  At the time, we were building our house and had Meigan's adoption in the works. We never looked back. ....That is until a few weeks ago when we were bowling with some friends and I said it..."WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE SOLD OUR BOAT!" Then, the very next day the guy we sold the boat to called and said, "I am thinking about selling my boat....do you want it back?"

The kids didn't know we were buying it. Madison suspected it and kept saying, "You are not buying that dumb boat are you? I am not skiing!" We made her come home from a friends house and told her we were doing  something as a family, she was mad. She asked if we could borrow Grandma's boat and go boating. We agreed and Brian made the fake call to Grandma knowing he was picking up our boat in 30 min.

Madison then asked if we were going to kneeboard. I asked "Will YOU kneeboard?" Maddy,"Yes if Dad buys that boat!" I had to clarify, "You WILL kneeboard?" Maddy, "Yes." I just held back the laughter!

Dalton has been begging for a boat for about a month, we had to dig out old pictures to show him our boat because he didn't remember it. He has seen the boat sitting at their house. When Brian pulled up he thought "those people" were just stopping by until he saw the boat was attached to MY car and then a HUGE smile came to his face and he ran. He couldn't stop climbing on the boat, and going to look at the boat, he even wanted to sleep on it that night when we got back from using it.

Soccer Camp

Dalton went to a British Soccer Camp this week. He had a great time and got lots of practice. He was on the "Irish Team" and on the last day they had to take a homemade Irish flag. The coaches were fun and great with the kids.



Our neighbor, Dale, goes to Oregon every summer and picks blueberries. He picked at least 120 pounds this year. Fortunately for us, he shared! The berries were HUGE, and oh so tasty!


Picking Cherries

We went to pick cherries with some friends today. We figured we would be there about 30 minutes. The kids were having so much fun that they picked nonstop for nearly 2 1/2 hours. we picked around 12-14 gallons of cherries. Then we found some cute baskets and delivered them around the neighborhood.


Meigan and Meilin

Just a few snapshots of the girls before church. Brian, Maddy, and Dalton had already left and we had a few minutes. Despite the way it looks in this picture, Meigan is not that much taller than Meilin.



We finally made it down to the lake to play for the first time today. I didn't take my camera but here are a few photos from my phone.