Girls Hair

The little girls never let me fix their hair, they take after their older sister. Mostly that's okay, I just slip in a barette and go with it because I am afraid elastics are going to break off or pull out their hair that is still trying to grow in, in the front. Today they not only let me fix it, but they left it in and wanted to pose for the camera.


Easy Entertainment!

Today the kids cousin, Adi, came to play. How do you entertain 3 kids ages 31,26,22 months who are all tired and ready for naps? Chinese spinning tops complete with lights and sounds......an easy 15minutes!


Weekend at Grandma's

Another fun weekend at Grandma's full of cheer competitions, more birthday celebrations, and plenty of gourmet hot chocolate. THANKS!


Happy 10th Birthday Madison!!!

Madison turned 10years old today......can you believe it? Madison and a friend got to go to an early dinner with Grandma and then met us at a roller skating rink for her friends party. The girls had alot of fun and as we loaded the car to go home Madison said, "That was my best birthday party ever!"

These Beds Were Made For Jumping!!!



Just for fun!!!

These girls are so darn cute that we love to keep snapping pictures of them. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get them both looking and smiling at the same time. And as you can see from the last picture they are going to be up to plenty of mischief as soon as one of them starts talking!



Meilin LOVES Lasagne! We rarely eat lasagne but I think this makes 3 times in 1 month that we've had it because Meilin simply devours it!