Happy Halloween!

Good thing we got a picture last week with Halloween make-up and full costume because today they decided not to put it on. We had a full day of events. Jodie's parents were here for the weekend to celebrate Dalton's birthday. We went to a Halloween carnival at the kids school, Trunk-or-Treat, and good ole Trick-or-Treating. The kids thought I was crazy when we went to our neighbors and told them they couldn't ring the doorbell but instead had to yell "Trick-or Treat" They asked me why we would do that to her as if it was RUDE and inappropriate. The kids had a great time passing out treats, Meigan ate LOTS of candy, and even put on Madison's wig for a photo.


Meigan's 1st Dental Visit

We have heard from countless people that have adopted children from China that they have bad teeth and how they always had cavities and such. Everytime we heard it we would just nod our heads and think ya but Brian is a Dentist and so it won't happen to us or think that they really just fed their kid candy to keep them quiet. Well the last few weeks we noticed a stain appear in Meigan's 1st molars and so we tried scrubbing them harder to keep them clean. When that didn't work Brian pulled out his explorer and started to poke around (Meigan is really good about us brushing her teeth and checking her teeth, she loves to open up and have us check them out, she even carries one of her toothbrushes around the house and chews on it like she's trying to brush them herself.) Well much to our suprise Brian found two cavities! We got her into my office a few days later and after a little coaxing (she's pretty used to my office) she got up in the chair but wouldn't lay down and watch the cartoons. So we had mom lay down in the chair and then Meigan layed down ontop of her and watched the cartoons on the ceiling. We put the laughing gas on her and she was a gem. I have a new Laser that allows me to fix teeth without having to get people numb most of the time so we used it on Meigan and was able to fix both teeth without any tears, pain or struggle. She wasn't a real fan of the experience as you can see from the last picture below. She really didn't like the taste of some of the products we use, but really who does! She even gave me hug later when I came home from work which was amazing! Anyway Jodie is talking me into placing sealants on all of her other baby molars as soon as the come in. (she is cutting a few molars right now which hopefully explains the cranky, grumpy, sudden tantrums, mood she has been having lately.) I was afraid I would have to have one of the Pedodontist sedate her to fix the cavities so it was very nice to be able to get it done without the hassle and worry of general anesthesia or even having to poke her to get her numb.


Happy Birthday Dalton!

Happy 7th Birthday Dalton!!! We had his friends party a few days ago and it has its own post. Today he celebrated with his family. He opened an electric scooter from mom & dad and then went out to dinner with grandpa, aunts, uncles & cousins. Dalton picked Thai food and it was delicious.


Pumpkin Fun

Brian and the kids carved and decorated pumpkins tonight. The kids have been begging to do them for days and the evening lived up to expectations. Amazingly, Madison and Dalton carved their own pumpkins start to finish.


Halloween Party

Today we went to a Halloween Party for the kids. We started with the buffet which luckily included lots of fruit and desserts to go along with the children's theme of mini corn dogs, mini burritos, chicken strips, and mac & cheese. The kids played carnival style games with every ones favorite being the "cup-cake walk." The kids all had a great time.


Dalton's 7th Birthday Party!

Dalton is turning 7 years old next week and tonight we had his friends party. The kids ate pizza and then we loaded up in the car and headed for the Corn Maze. The kids had a blast running through the maze, in fact, they went through 3-4 times. We then headed back to our house where we opened presents, had cake and ice-cream, and played the "Traditional Candy Game."


Welcome Uliana!

Brian's brother, Scott, and his wife, Oksana, welcomed their first child into the world this morning. A beautiful baby girl named Uliana (like juliana without the J). Both mom and baby are doing great. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to meet her. Welcome to the family Uliana!


Welcome Aisley!

Brian's sister, Jaylynn, and her husband, Mark, welcomed their 3rd child into the world saturday morning. Her name is Aisley Lynn, and she is absolutely adorable. We are so glad that her and mom are home and doing fantastic. Congratulations!!!

Slumber Party

While Jaylynn and Mark were at the hospital having their new baby, we were lucky to spend some time with their other kids, Aldon and Adilynn. We picked them up and went to pick out pumpkins. We came home and ate pizza, played outside, ate cupcakes, and then played till they dropped. Everyone slept well.

Max and Elaine

Jodie's Uncle Max and Aunt Elaine came down for a little golf this weekend. They are always so fun to visit with, and Brian always needs an excuse to golf. We had a great time, and hopefully they did to. Hopefully we can get them to come play again in the spring.