Meilin cut her hair

So it is a good thing I am making this post nearly 4 months later. It did happen on jan 31st but I am writing in May. I say that because now I am a little more calm than I was that day. And yes, she is still reminded at least weekly how awful it was that she cut her hair and hopefully no one in our house will do it again. I pulled her remaining hair back in a ponytail for this picture. It ended up not being too bad. I can hide it in the section we always pull back for a bow so she appears to still have gorgeous long hair. Hallelujah!


Lóng nián kuàile!!! Happy New Year of the Dragon!!!

Tonight we began our 2012 celebration of Chinese New Year. We had a simple chinese dinner at home because our favorite Chinese restaurant is closed on mondays. We will attend a large Chinese celebration on Feb 4th. The little girls were excited to get dressed up for dinner. Meigan thought she needed high heels and make-up......Dad convinced her otherwise.


Meigan was out the door early this morning while Brian and I were plowing 4 driveways. She help build both of these snowmen by 8:45am.


Happy 12th Birthday Maddy!!!

Pinewood Derby 2012

Boys and their Dads spend hours preparing for this night. They research everything they can get their hands on, in hopes of having the fastest car. Reality is in our pack.....all the kids do the same. We all try to design the coolest, fastest car we can. We all follow the same "Secrets." So it comes down to luck. And Luckily for Dalton, this was his year! He won 1st in his den and 1st overall!!!! Way to go!!!


Our Own Snowmobiles???

Brian bought snowmobiles for Christmas. It was a Christmas morning silent fight between us because he didn't disclose all of the details. However, we are all glad that he did. The kids have ridden on his parents since they were tots. Maddy and Dalton can drive these by themselves and drive them well. I guess that means we will soon be in the market for 2 more soon. Anyone have a spare garage???