Costume Shopping

Tonight Brian, Dalton, and Grandpa went to play Glow in the Dark Golf. Maddy, Meigan and Meilin, Grandma and Jodie decided to go shopping. We went to the Halloween store first, and Maddy put the first mask on Meilin. She thought it was funny and kept posing. So then they kept putting masks on mom and Grandma. They watched us put them on but were then terrified if we said anything to them with it on. I reached out to shake their hand and they turned and ran. We were laughing so hard I am surprised they didn't kick us out.

Boating with Grandma and Grandpa

Meigan and Dalton wanted to show Grandma and Grandpa their water skiing skills while they were here. Unfortunately, the temperature was only about 68. They braved the cold air and water anyway, and then cuddled up with the heater. Meilin showed off her boat dancing skills and Maddy was at a cheer clinic.


Dalton is having a Great fall soccer season. He enjoys playing with his friends and puts up with Dad yelling from the sidelines. He always has a huge fan club cheering him on, today he was lucky to have all 4 grandparents.


Hair Curlers

I have been wanting to buy these new curlers for all 3 girls. I found out my friend had them and she was kind enough to let us try them out. The little girls wanted them, so we did theirs. Amazingly, they slept all night in them and didn't want them out until around noon the next day. We loved them, hopefully we will have our own collection soon. And the cute shirts in the last photo are courtesy of Aunt Oksana....aren't they cute? THANKS


Earrings for Meigan

Brian promised Meigan that she could get her ears pierced if she went water skiing. When he came home early from work today she reminded him and off they went. She was very brave and excited throughout the whole thing. She is way excited!!!!

First Day of Preschool

Meigan and Meilin started preschool today. They were excited and couldn't wait to go. Their first day did not disappoint, they loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back.