Spring Break Day 3- Snow Canyon Sand Dunes

Our last stop in Snow Canyon was at the sand dunes. The kids had a fun time playing, but the wind came up and we left after about 30 minutes.

Spring Break Day 3- Snow Canyon Pioneer Names

We walked up to the cliffs where the Pioneers wrote their name in axle grease 

Spring Break Day 3- Snow Canyon Petrified Cliffs

We started our day hiking up the Petrified cliffs in Snow Canyon. Dalton and Maddy ran up ahead and Brian and I helped the little girls. We got to the top and Dalton was no where to be seen. Plenty of other groups around, and no one has seen him. We called out his name over and over. Brian ran back down to the bottom to search the grounds below and three men offered to help search up top. Within moments Dalton comes around the corner and we are all relieved. We wait, and now holler for Brian. I was out enjoying nature and didn't think to call him with my cell phone. Only about 5 minutes passed. 5 min that seemed like forever to Brian looking for his missing son in the sagebrush at the bottom of the cliffs, until I remembered I could call. Dad was not happy.He took our picture from the ground and we hiked down.


Spring Break Day 2- Bumble Bee Transformer Car

Dalton loves the Bumblebee Transformer. We happened to find this car when we stopped at the Iceberg for shakes. The owner was kind enough to let Dalton climb right on in...he was in heaven!

Spring Break Day 2- St George Narrows