Paddle Boards

Before heading home, we stopped at Redfish lake to try the paddleboards. The kids are hooked! We all loved them!

 One last jump into the lake

Rafting Day 2


View from our hotel in Lower Stanley

Kayaks and Paddleboats

We headed over to Redfish Lake to ride some kayaks and paddleboats.


The river we were rafting was the Salmon River. This is where the Salmon come to spawn. This was the last weekend to float the river because the salmon are arriving. We could see areas along the river where they have completley cleaned off the rocks and made their nest. Unfortunately, we didnt get any good pictures of that. So we went to the fish hatchery up the river to see the salmon up close. Just before they spawn the salmon turn red, you can see that in these photos.

JUMP Rock- Rafting Day 1

Dalton and Brian were brave enough to jump off of JUMP Rock into the icy cold water. Yes, Brian did push him a little, the little ones needed an extra push to get out far enough. They were glad they did it, but once was enough!