Base Jumpers

It is also the time of year around here when you can find base jumpers almost every morning and evening jumping off the bridge. Brian is lucky to view the midday jumpers from his office windows. Lots of fun to watch, but haven't yet found the courage to do it myself.





Madison was in the 5th grade play of Alladin. They did a great job. Madison played the part of the Magic Carpet. She had alot of fun and enjoyed being part of the production.

Our Newest Member

Meet Shadow, the newest member of our family. She is a mini-lop rabbit that is hopefully going to live indoors as a litter trained house rabbit. The kids are soooo excited!



While we were in Anaheim for the Cheer Nationals we spent plenty of time at Disneyland. Unfortunately noone wanted to haul around a camera so I just have a few lousy pics from my phone. We spent most of our time there hanging out with the Adams family, they were so fun. All the kids entertained each other and we had a blast. (Thanks!) And they were nice enough to keep Dalton at the park so he didn't have to watch even more cheer this year.



They have a new store this year at Downtown Disney called Ridemakerz. You get to build your own remote controlled car. Dalton was in heaven!


Cheer Nationals

We had a great time at the Cheerleading Nationals in Anaheim this year. The girls did an amazing job! Unfortunately, they took 3rd place after the judges ruled a tumbling pass illegal and penalized them the first day. Below, on the next post, I have posted a video of their performance on day 2.

2011 Planet Cheer Galaxy - Yth Lg Lvl 3