Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary!

Today marks the 1year anniversary of Meilin joining our family. We simply can't remember life without her. We could have never imagined how much joy and laughter she would bring. It's often been said about her, "This girl was born to smile!" We love you, Meilin, and are so Happy to have you in our family!!!

November 23, 2009

To view Meilin's Adoption trip click http://www.ourjourneytochina2.blogspot.com/

November 23, 2010

It was a cold and snowy day and nobody wanted to go out for dinner. So we celebrated at home with a Chinese Hot Pot dinner, one of Meilin's favorites.


First Snow Day!!!

Today was the first day of snow of the season. Our kids slept at Brian's parents last night, and called for us to bring over their snow gear. Most of them played outside from 11-4. We always take alot of pictures, and because we do this blog for our family, we post alot of them. However, this time I will do a slideshow. We took 315 photos today. I narrowed it down to 41. So those of you who want to see the 41 can watch the slideshow. We helped them build a giant snowman and a slide. Grandpa took them for snowmobile rides, and madison built an igloo

First Snow Day Slideshow


Happy 3rd Birthday, Meigan!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Meigan! You are growing up so fast, but we are loving every minute of it.
Meigan wanted to make her own chocolate cake today for her family party. She chose Artic Circle for dinner. Add in lots of presents and it was a great day. By the end of the day she could even respond that she was 3 years old, unlike the morning when she told Aunt Jaylynn she was 1.


Off To Play.....

So I sent Meilin downstairs to play and a few minutes later I thought I would go check on her.

I searched All the rooms downstairs and began to panic, until I returned to the stairs. I realized that under her blanket, that I passed on my way down,..... she was fast asleep!


Meigan and Grandma's Birthday Party!

Jodie's Mom and Meigan share a birthday. We were in town and had a early birthday party for the two of them. It was complete with balloons, cake, pinatas and presents. Thanks Everyone!

Dalton even got a belated present, and Meilin got a new doll bunting, everone was happy.