Memorial Day at the Cabin

Brian, Madison, and Dalton went up on sunday/monday of Memorial weekend to his parents cabin. They didn't take many pictures but they sure had a Great time

Oksana and Uliana

Jaylynn and Aisley

Dalton, Grandma, Madison


Dalton's 2nd Grade Field Trip

I went with Dalton's class to the county museum. I hoped I would finally find out something interesting about this town we call home....nope! So our only photo is of the class out front. The kids did have a great time doing a scavenger hunt and seeing potato diggers and onion smashers!


Look, I painted my nails!!!

If your toddler is going to paint her own nails, I hope you are as lucky as me. Meigan used a purple marker! Much less clean up!


Best Big Brother Ever!!!

Dalton is an awesome Big Brother! He can entertain these girls for hours and the whole time is filled with giggles! They love him!


A Bug's Life Musical

The second "A Bug's Life Musical " tonight. They did an outstanding job. Everyone remembered their parts, and they knew all the songs really well. Congrats kids, you're growing up fast!


The Falls

Its that time of year again. With the huge amounts of snow/rain this year the Falls are at super high capacity. The water is moving so fast and they are simply spectacular. Definitely worth a trip down to see them. Did I mention they also sell Haagen daz bars at the snack shop?


Dalton's Spring Soccer

Despite the cold weather and lots of rain, Dalton had a Great Sring Soccer Season. He played really well and had tons of fun. Way to go D, you're quite the soccer player!