Going Away Party!

We put together a last minute going away party for Madison's frend, Georgia. She is moving to Wisconsin. She is such a great friend, and her sisters are our great babysitters. The whole family will be missed. And as for Madison, she is determined never to call anyone her "best friend" again, because this is her 3rd best friend that has moved away!



It's hard to believe this years competition season is half over. The girls are doing awesome competing in the Youth Level 3 division. And luckily having lots of fun too!


Shhh...babies sleeping!!!

I was cleaning the downstairs and came around the corner to hear, "shhh...babies sleeping." They were proud of themselves.



The girls love their accessories!


Paper Towels!

Meigan loves to be like her Big Sister. So when Madison wanted her hair in paper towels, so did Meigan. I thought she would complain all night and pull them out, but she didn't not once. And she was proud to show off her "curlies" all day. Meilin, on the other hand, had her one paper towel pulled out before bed.



So they are not both looking at the camera, but almost, and smiling at the same time.



While Madison was opening presents these kids were having their own fun.

Happy 11th Birthday, Madison!!!

Even though Madison opted to take money over having a "friends" party, she still had 3 birthday celebrations. She had a party with each side of the family and a party at home.


Pinewood Derby

What's Wrong With This Tea Party?

What could possiby be wrong with Meigan's Tea Party below? The fact that it's 3am!



We finally braved the bitter cold and went sledding. It was so cold that the sleds kept popping. Luckily, Brian's dad drove the sledders by snowmobile from the bottom of the hill back to the top. So, we were able to get in a few good runs before calling it quits.

Grandma and Grandpa's New Cabin

Brian's parents bought a cabin and moved into it just in time for the holidays. We spent New Years weekend there.