Fall Days

Dalton is apparently going through withdrawals of fall days at Grandma and Grandpa D's playing in the leaves. He got out our rake and tried to make a pile but our trees are very small and the leaves are just beginning to fall. At one point Dalton was shaking the limbs trying to get more leaves to fall.
Madison is constantly practicing her cheerleading in the front room (hmmm... wonder where she gets that?). Luckily this time she went out on the trampoline. She is having alot of fun with cheer and will keep us busy traveling to 5 competitions this winter. Traveling this much with a baby? What were we thinking???
Tuesdays are busy around here running to several classes for the kids. We came home to change and run Madison to dance and I told Dalton that dinner was in the oven and that we would eat soon. He decided he wasn't waiting and got dinner out of the oven by himself and brought it to me to see if it was done. I didn't know whether to get mad or laugh, so I grabbed the camera!


Dinner at Jaylynn's

Dinner with the family at Jaylynn's last Weekend. We also got to meet Britney, Jeff's new "friend". We had a great time and the weather was great.


Our Referral!!!!!!!

This is Guo Si Hao, which translated using the chinese characters means good thinker or fond of thinking. She is 10 months old and was born on 11/11/07. we havn't decided what we will name her yet.