Got Orange?

Oranges, Meigan loves them! Yes, I know she shouldn't have them yet, but tell that to Dad. She loves to play with them and eat them.


Meigan's 1st Ponytail

Meigans hair is growing quickly. Yeah! She has double the amount of hair that she did when we met. We finally managed her first ponytail. She is doing really well at walking now. She goes further and further each day.


Madison's Cheer Video

Here is a 3 min video of Madison's Cheer Routine from her last competition. What a pain to convert it and cut it down in size, it took me almost 4 hours to do, I need to learn an easier way!


Exhibition Stunt Team

This is a clip of an exhibition team at the cheer competition, they were much older, probably all in college, and the second group (in white) was a college squad. They were very, very good and fun to watch. I told Madison that I expected her to be doing that stuff next year. Ya right!

Winter has arrived

Winter has finally arrived! This is a picture of the waterfall in our pond. The forecast is for a hi and lo of 7 degrees saturday. Good thing Brian stocked up on hot chocolate!


TAVACI Christmas concert

Madison and Dalton were in their TAVACI Christmas singing concert tonight. They love TAVACI! Melanie (the teacher) is fabulous with the kids and they always do a great job. Meigan was singing along during the whole concert....I guess she will join them in a few years.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming!


Great Job Madison!

Madison was in her second cheer competion. This one was big with competitors from 3 states. It was a national qualifying meet so lots of good squads were there. The squads were amazing in every division. Whose was the best???? Planet Cheer!!! (Madison's cheer gym) All of their squads brought home first place! Way to go girls!!!

We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa D come watch this one. Thanks for braving the snowy icy roads to be there!

If we ever figure out how to post a video from our camcorder we will post her routine


One last day outside

We have been spoiled by warm weather. It has been great for us to slowly ease Meigan into cold temperatures. Where she comes from it is 80 and humid year round. The boys couldn't wait for Meigan to wake up from her nap to head out on a scooter ride. They thought Meigan should get to do something fun too so we hauled out the old car...she loved it!



I have been getting lots of comments lately about my lack of blogging. So here are several posts to catch up. Keep scrolling aand scrolling there are lots.
I don't know how you find time to blog. My house did not get cleaned tonight and Meigan is up to play before I have gone to bed. This blogging may come to an end for us soon.


Dalton and Meigan

Dalton and Meigan play well together. Meigan thinks Dalton is hilarious and smiles so big when we pick him up from school. Today Dalton and Meigan made a fort in the front room. I am not quite sure what the tape rolls represented but I was too tired to ask. Dalton grabbed the camera and took this photo. Later he wanted a picture of him flying and this was the best I could do for that.

Gingerbread House

Every year Brian and the kids decorate a Gingerbread house. Here is this year creation.


Together Forever!!!

Thanks to all of our family and friends who shared this special day with us!


Christmas lights!

There is this amazing Christmas lights display up in the mountains about 30 minutes from here. It is all done at one home. They have over 200,000 lights. The lights are in every shape and size. They have flamingos, elephants, chinese lanterns, pilsbury doughboys, etc. They have several scene houses of villages, dancing santas and the Nativity. Santa is also usually there to greet everyone and hand out candy canes. They also have a camel waiting to be fed. This year Jodie's parents were able to join us and see it for the first time. They were impressed!