Flower Clips

I just learned how to make these fabric flower hair clips, here is my first attempt. I Love them!


Madison's Apron

Madison wanted to sew today. She pulled out some fabric and ribbon, and whipped up this apron complete with pockets in no time at all.



Finally Asleep!!!

Both girls asleep at the same time? Doesn't get better than that!


Before and After

Last fall we finally broke down and did some decorating around here with some help from Rachelle. The results are AMAZING!



Drowsy Driver!

There is a new road sign out there and we just had to take a picture. Although it is true, we had to laugh about them actually making a sign for it!



Valentine Cupcakes!

They all had fun decorating them, but Meilin enjoyed eating them more than anyone else!


Hearts and Curlies!!!

Ever since we put Meigan's hair up in paper towels she has been obsessed with having "curlies." Luckily her hair is quick to do that with a curling iron. Today we added a heart to both girls hair, just because.


Blue and Gold Banquet

Dalton had to make a cake with a parent for tonights Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. He had lots of fun and did a great job. It was fun to see all of the cakes, and even better to eat them!