Once again Madison's cheer squad took first place at their competition. They were also awarded the Cheer stick and a paid bid to nationals.
This is Madison's last competition because the squads final competition is the day she will play "Alice" in Wonderland at school. This cheer season has been a lot of fun and tons of hard work. Madison, you did awesome and we are so proud of you. Only time will tell if we are in it for another season.


48 Long Hours!!!

Meigan was in the hospital this weekend, almost exactly 48 hours. She was a trooper through it all. I took her in to the doctor because she was having fevers of 105*F, She had no other symptoms of a cold. Turns out she had pneumonia. Once they got the medicine going and loosened up her lungs she began the cough. She was the only patient on the floor well enough to be up in the halls or in the playroom so we had all of that to ourselves. We did our best to keep her entertained and distracted. Poor Meigan also cut 3 teeth during that 48 hours. When it rains it pours!




Chinese New Year Celebration!!!

Chinese New Year (CNY)= Lunar New Year

This year we missed our local CNY celebration so we headed out of town to catch another one the following weekend. The one we went to was sponsored by a Families With Children From Asia Group. The activities were geared towards kids and included CNY bookmarks, dragons, calligraphy, word search, Chinese Dragon Parade, and dinner. Every kid was introduced by name and favorite hobbies. Everyone looked so cute in their native outfits. The kids all participated in the Dragon Parade. They lined the hallways with bubble wrap so as the Dragon went on .....so did the "fireworks." The kids thought it was great and luckily I don't think the noise caused any tears.

Meigan had fun watching everyone and everything. I love getting together with groups like this, it lets the kids be in a room full of people who look just like them. Some of the older girls brought cameras and it was fun to watch them try to get pictures of Meigan.
Lots of time was spent visiting with others families talking about our children, where they are from, how long they have been home, and adoption experiences. We have been actively involved in Chinese groups and activities since 2005 and we will continue to seek out experiences to bring Chinese culture into our family.

A huge THANKS to Lora for arranging for us to attend this event and attending it with us.

Planet Kid

We spent the afternoon driving to a Chinese New Year celebration and before we went to it we decided we needed to stretch and play. That is exactly what we did at this fun indoor jungle gym. Madison and Dalton had a blast conquering everything from end to end. Meigan spent most of her time in the ball pit and on the slide. Dad was wore out quickly and mom was disgusted by all the possible germs.


Dalton and Meigan

Dalton and Meigan adore each other. I always tell everyone this but never post it on the blog. Meigan just thinks Dalton is hilarious. He can make her laugh more than anyone else. She is excited everyday to see him come home from school. And Dalton? He enjoys every minute with her. He simply adores her. You are a great Big Brother Dalton!