Can't get a picture!

So I tried to get a picture of my kids in their Easter clothes a week late since we didn't wear them on Easter. I didn't have good luck!




Thanks Jaylynn for this video of Meigan

3 Days at the Falls

We heard that there was lots of water over the Falls right now so saturday night we headed down to take a peek. It was beautiful! We stayed long enough to let the kids roll down the hill and snap a few pictures and then it was getting dark.

Sunday we headed back down and the line of cars made an hour wait so we decided to be adventurous. We decided to see if we could get close and then walk a little bit. Well Brian headed down a road that ended up turning into a dirt road and then dead ended. We saw some other people hiking down a road that was closed off by a locked gate, so we put Meigan in the baby jogger and jumped the fence. We walked for quite a bit and kept going towards the canyon, after a "quick" long walk, we ended up at the jumpsite and found the end of the walking path that lead back to the falls. We jumped another fence and hiked down into the canyon. After an hour or so we finally made it down to the park and had a nice picnic that we had packed. After a good rest, some frisbee and some ice cream from the snack shack we headed back up.

The next day, Brian's cousins came into town for the day and so we all headed back to the falls so that they could check it out. Luckily it wasn't crowded as it wasn't a weekend and we had a picnic with Mark and Jaylynn's family, Brian's Parents Craig and Connie, and Brian's Cousins Tyson and Ben. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Brian even got quite a sunburn on the back of his neck!


Madison the Seamstress

Madison finished this quilt with a few hours to spare before her "Sewing Showcase" night. She has been working on this quilt at sewing lessons for about 1 year. She sewed ALL of it by herself and then mom and dad helped her to tie it in time for tonight. Great Job Madison your sewing skills will pass up moms very soon!


Airconditioned Seating

I don't know what it is ...............but everytime i open the fridge Meigan thinks she needs to run over and sit in it. It's her favorite chair and she's not giving it up anytime soon.





Madison had a family project for homework this week. She had to make a shoebox diorama. We all helped but Madison and Dad had the most fun.



Meigan discovered oreos today. She had the package opened before I could say no. She opened it up and ran to sit on her step stool where she devoured them. Grandpa Craig would be so proud.


Early Easter

Our kids slept over at Grandma Connie's last night with their cousin Aldon. We went over this morning with Meigan for the Easter Egg Hunt. Madison and Dalton had already found eggs and helped Meigan find hers. They were really good with her and kept re-hiding eggs for her to find. Everyone had lots of fun. Thanks Grandma!