They turned the water on in our neighborhood today and my neighbor quickly came to my door to ask if I knew that I had a Geyser in my backyard. Our main line had cracked and the water ran for about 45 min before we could get it turned off. It washed away the dirt under the shed, turned the sandbox into a swimming pool, and relocated our flower bed to the middle of the lawn. Not fun, but could have been worse.


Charissa made this Mascot

The Robotics Club at the high school qualified for Worlds and decided at the last minute to go. Of course they thought they needed everything the Big Teams had and thus needed a mascot costume and fast. My friend, Charissa, made this and I think she did an Amazing job.


Congratulations Dalton!!! 1st Place Pinewood Derby Regionals

Dalton gave up Disneyland to stay home and race in the Regional Pinewood Derby. It ended up being a very wise choice.....He won first place in the Bear division. Way to Go!!!