Western Days Parade!

Today was our local Western Days. Here are a few pictures of the parade. Madison's cheer group was in it. They did cheers, stunts and tumbling on the asphalt. Those were some brave and daring kids. After the parade Grandma took the kids to the City Park for food and games. Thanks Grandma!



School Program

Madison and Dalton had their School Program tonight. Despite the lack of pictures, the program was quite impressive. I have never been to an elementary school program that was so well done.

Slip N Slide

Today the kids were finally able to play outside in the water. We only played in the sprinklers and slipnslide but they had a great time. Meigan's favorite part was the popsicles. And I showed Dalton and Cameron their muscle picture and told them I was going to save it and show it to their girlfriends when they are 16. They both thought that was hilarious!


Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day with Brian's parents. We went on a short hike to Ross Falls where we had lunch and played. Then we went back down the mountain to a picnic site and roasted marshmallows and ate smores. The weather was great and we had a fun time. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


Tavaci concert!

Madison and Dalton's singing group had their concert monday night 5/18. They both did a fantastic job and had lots of fun. Madison had a solo so I posted a video clip of it which also has our friends Rob and Ashton. All grandparents, Aunt Katie and Jaylynn, and cousin Aldon were able to come watch...THANKS! I can't seem to get the video and the pictures below to upload on the same post so scroll down to see other concert pictures.


Golfing with Grandpa

Today Brian and the kids went golfing with Grandpa Dave. It was a beautiful day and the everyone had a great time. Below is a video showing the pics from the outing.


It's A Girl!!!!

Yes, that's right......We are about to be a family of 6! Our darling daughter was born March 13, 2008 and is currently in Kunming City, Yunnan, China. We are all SOOOOO EXCITED! So in order to learn more about her and our story click on the new tab that says Journey to Meilin.


Meigan Now and Then

It was neat to see the differences in little Meigan from just 7 months ago. These pics are so cute of her and it just gave us one of those "Ah" moments. Just wanted to share. She still has the same cute smile!


Spring Days!

Nice spring days have been few and far between this year, but we sure do enjoy them when they come!