Now that's some good corn!

Yellowstone Adventure

Labor Day weekend Brian and Dalton took a trip to Yellowstone with Brian's Uncle Mark, his cousin Kevin, and his son, James. It was a backcountry canoe trip that requiered alot of paddling, some portaging (walking the canoes upstream, through much more difficult water than pictured), and a whole lota fun. Dalton and James are the same age and they had a great time together. We were worried they may have been a little to young, but they did a great job of not complaining and always willing to help and get things done. Our campsite was right on the lake and it was beautiful. We caught 9 fish in the few hours that we went fishing and had a great time hiking around our camp. It was so much fun that we plan on doing it again next year.



Fall Soccer

Another fun soccer season. You did Great, Dalton!


What happens when the Big kids go to school?

The little girls take over their stuff!


2 year Referral Anniversary

Two years ago today, we saw Meigan's picture for the very first time. We studied her picture and read her paperwork a million times. But, words then and now, cannot truly descibe how wonderful and amazing this girl IS! We love you Meigan! She was so excited to pose for this photo with her "baby picture."


We started the day with plans to go to the lake. Then, the weather turned cold. We headed to our favorite bowling spot in a neighboring town......it was closed. So we managed to get yummy ice cream at a dairy and play at the park. And for a moment I was grateful that I lived in our town and not this one. (Shhh.....don't tell Brian I said that)


First Day of Toddler Lab!

Meigan and Meilin were sooo excited to go to their first day of "school." They happily posed for a few photos and broke into a cute little "happy dance." They walked right into class and had a blast. (They are attending the Toddler Lab at the college which is a super fun playgroup)