Off to China!

We found out on tuesday that we will be leaving for China this friday!!! We will be gone for 3 weeks and so you can follow our journey by clicking on Meilin's tab above.

We are so excited to finally meet Meilin and hold her in our arms!!!!



Meigan got to play all day today! Dad did not work this morning so she got him all to herself! Then she played with Grandma a bit before we all went to lunch. Grandma and Grandpa, Mark, Jaylynn, Adi, Aisley, Mom and Dad were all at lunch at Artic Circle to play. (THANKS!!!) Meigan and Adi are finally starting to play well together and they had a GREAT time. Meigan then had a quick nap and we went for haircuts. (had to fit them in before we leave for China). We all had pizza for dinner and then her Barney party began! All of the crew from lunch along with Madison, Dalton, Katie and Brady were there. She got lots of fun presents including Kai-lan legos, scooter, puzzles,dolls, aquadoodle, play food, bracelets, and most importantly... Barney videos for the trip! She loved her Barney cake, but she was mad at the candle and decided to grab it instead of blow it out. Luckily her fingers were all okay, no blisters. At least she liked cake and ice cream this year, next year we'll work on candles.


Cheer Season Begins!

Today was Madison's first cheer competition of the season. They did FANTASTIC! Their routine is so fun to watch and they performed it so well. These girls have been working together since tryouts in April and they work so hard. Madison has also been doing extra tumbling classes at the cheer gym and so she has been spending 6 hours a week doing cheer! Well, the hard work payed off today.......They brought home 1st Place!!! Way to go!


Dinner is Served

Tonight while we were making dinner, Meigan decided she would also fix dinner. She laid out about 7 plastic plates. On each plate she put a white paper napkin and a packet of instant oatmeal. Then she stood up and passed them out to everyone. She passed them out until they were gone, so some of us got two.