Yellowstone Canoe Trip Day 4

Monday, our last day was a long one. We woke up early to an orange sunrise. We broke camp and then took off for home. We fished on the way out and caught 8 more. We took a break during the trip down the river on Jump Rock, a huge rock that you can jump off of. No one was brave enough to jump and it wasn't quite warm enough  either. We finally made it to the motors and hooked them back up and then motored out of Lewis Lake. We packed up the car and then drove back to Mark's cabin where we cleaned up a little bit and then headed home. We finally made it home about 10pm and slept really well in our own beds. We had a great time. Everyone got along and there were no injuries or incedents. The weather was great with hardly any wind. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We are already planning next year's trip.

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