Slumber Party

While Jaylynn and Mark were at the hospital having their new baby, we were lucky to spend some time with their other kids, Aldon and Adilynn. We picked them up and went to pick out pumpkins. We came home and ate pizza, played outside, ate cupcakes, and then played till they dropped. Everyone slept well.


lora said...

This explains who those cute little blond children were... that I saw you with this weekend! Fun Times :)

Jaylynn said...

Yo guys are the best! Seriously thank you! Our kids loved having a sleepover at your house! In fact they are still talking about it 5 days later! I can't say thank you enough! And the only thing I can do, is don't worry we'll play pay back when you guys go to China...yay for more slumber parties!!! These pictures are so cute, thanks for posting em, Adi loves seeing the one of her and Meigan on the couch. Thanx again! Love you!