1st Place! Way to go Madison!!!

Madison had her first cheer leading competition this weekend. Her squad took first place! They did GREAT! They had a lot of fun and are starting to think their hard work is going to pay off. They have been practicing at least 3 hours a week since April and that will continue into march, with 5 more competitions.

They fix all of the hair and makeup so that it is exactly the same. They parted Madison's hair on the opposite side, pulled back her bangs, and applied lots of make-up. We had to laugh because we had a hard time recognizing our own daughter!

Thanks also to Grandma R and Katie for making the trek to the competition!


lora said...

Congratulations Madison! Way to go.
Looks like you guys had a great weekend together.

Jaylynn said...

Congrats Mads!! Holy cow she looks so grown up in her cheer outfit and not to mention make-up! What a doll! Brian you better watch-out start cleaning out those guns now to scare off the boys!:) Looks like you guys had a good weekend!