Happy 6th Birthday Dalton!!!

Today was Dalton's 6th birthday. He thinks he had two birthdays this year because we had his friends party a few week ago before Brian and I left for China. Luckily in those two birthdays he only got 1 year older. After school he got to go to lunch with Mom and Dad and of all things he picked take out hot dogs from the stand at Lowes. Mostly, he wanted to get home and start opening presents! He had plenty of presents from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that he stayed busy all afternoon opening and playing with the gifts. His friend Emma brought him a cake and that was perfect because he chose to go to Cold Stone over a cake. This way, he had both. Thanks! Tonight we had Grandma and Grandpa R over for even more presents and we all went to Cold Stone for dessert. Happy Birthday Dalton...We Love You!

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