December 11-13th

Yes, after being home exactly 1 week we packed up and headed out again. Madison had a Cheer competition and we went to stay at Grandma's. We had a great time! We also were able to celebrate Grandpa's birthday while we were there. Jodie's family was all together for that so everyone got to meet Meilin. Meilin is just happy to go along with the flow of things. She is so outgoing and happy that travelling to Grandma's and another large group of strangers did not bother her one bit.

Hailie and her baby came to the party, what a CUTIE! The little girls just loved him.

We are now officially a very large, maybe overwhelming, and messy house guest. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come anyway! Hopefully by the time we come again the little girls will be sleeping through the night.

Madison's Cheer Squad did awesome, hoping to get a video on here with its own post soon!

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