The Animal Farm (no not our house)

Today we went to an animal farm/petting zoo. We went with Jodie's parents, Dave and Barbara. We saw horses, cows, bulls, ducks, rabbits, pigs, pygmy goats, guanacos, llamas, sheep, chickens, and peacocks. The kids had a great time feeding the animals dried corn kernals but they didn't do any petting of the animals. Meigan didn't want to get to close to any of the animals but she had a good time there. They had horse/pony rides that they kids did a couple of times. Meigan wasn't too sure about that the first time, but later at the end of our visit she road a pony all by herself and had a great time. While we were there, Hailie called and said that Jodie, Barbara, and Dave could come meet Gavin, their new baby. So Brian and the kids finished up our visit with trying to feed all of the baby goats with out letting the big goats steal all of the food.

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